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Jess - 27yrs

(5 jobs )
room_outlined Torbay
Hi mums, dads and kiddos. I'm a tertiary educator who has just finished up teaching for the academic year. I'm looking for some extra work over the summer break. I'm great with kids and completely flexible ...expand_more
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Charlotte profile photo

Charlotte - 18yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Milford
Hello parents! I am Charlotte Ram. I have just recently graduated Westlake Girls High School and going off to Otago uni in February. I am a rower and enjoy science and arts also completing my bronze level for ...expand_more
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Vanessa profile photo

Vanessa - 27yrs

room_outlined Manly
Unfortunately I can't work until Level 2 due to covid restrictions and our split family bubble. Hey families! I'm an experienced nanny who has been self employed for the past 5-6 years caring for children of ...expand_more
Gina profile photo

Gina - 20yrs

room_outlined Sunnynook
I am currently looking for a few casual babysitting jobs to help parents enjoy a night out. Also I am looking for some more hours over the uni holidays for any parents who need some extra help over this break. ...expand_more
Danielle profile photo

Danielle - 21yrs

room_outlined Glenfield
I am currently studying at the University of Auckland, I am an active person who loves getting out and about but I also can get down to business when needed to. I have grown up in a big family, having 3 sisters ...expand_more

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Sonja - 17yrs

room_outlined Torbay
Hi Parents, my name is Sonja and I’m from Torbay. I am energetic, enthusiastic and conscientious. I am responsible and well regarded for my ability to keep the children happy while following all directives ...expand_more
Fatima profile photo

Fatima - 34yrs

room_outlined Albany Heights
Hi families... I am a mum of four children so I have a experience of babysitting.... I know how can we gave them proper and healthy environment.... I am working with special needs children at this moment.... ...expand_more

Olivia - 16yrs

room_outlined Takapuna
Hi parents! I grew up with two younger siblings, so I have many years of experience taking care of children. I've also been coaching pre-school gymnastics for several years. I love everything about babysitting, ...expand_more
Estefanía profile photo

Estefanía - 32yrs

room_outlined Campbells Bay
Hello parents, here is a mum of a 1 year old boy, his name is Benjamin; looking for some extra work. Wide experience with kids, dance teacher, I know to cook, have full License and first aid certificate. I’m ...expand_more
Deborah profile photo

Deborah - 63yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Totara Vale
Hi Mum and Dads, I grew up in a large family of five siblings. I am the second eldest and had lots of babysitting experience. I worked with Barbados and after school care and homeschooled my son and a friend's ...expand_more

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Charlotte - 19yrs

room_outlined Murrays Bay
Hi there! I go to University and love looking after kids. I have looked after and cared for many families around the North Shore and I look forward to looking after more!
Seraphina profile photo

Seraphina - 25yrs

room_outlined Albany
Hi everyone! I am currently a full-time solicitor in Auckland offering babysitting and tutoring services on weekday evenings or during the weekends. I have 4+ years of experience with child care (cared for ...expand_more
Laura profile photo

Laura - 21yrs

room_outlined Sunnynook
Hi parents, My name is Laura I am 21 Years old and I live in Sunnynook. I am looking for casual babysitting and/or tutoring jobs. I have just graduated from and early childhood and primary teaching bachelors ...expand_more

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