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Jessika-May profile photo

Jessika-May - 18yrs

room_outlined Frankton
Hey guys, my name is Jessie I'm 18 years old I've been on my own for afew years now, I love working with kids of all ages and I have the experience aswell, I love arts and crafts and being creative, however...expand_more
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Rachael - 41yrs

room_outlined Peacocke
Hi Everyone…. I am a mum of 5 who has recently lost her job. Seeing as I now have plenty of time on my hands I thought I would offer local families some help....
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Julia - 18yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Fairfield
Hi, parents, I have a lot of experience looking after children as I'm one of 12 in my family. My siblings are Adhd and ASD so I have experience with children with those needs as well. I love being able to interact...expand_more
Azaria profile photo

Azaria - 22yrs

room_outlined Hamilton East
Kia Ora I’m 20 years old Have a 6 year old boy I’m a early childhood teacher from new born to 6year olds I’m free anywhere after 8am trying to start a at home daycare have experience with newborns to 14 year...expand_more
Georgina profile photo

Georgina - 18yrs

room_outlined Huntington
Hi parents, I’m available for the next two weeks and after that for weekend and after school hours as I work at Kindy Bubs Hamilton, they are on school holidays for two weeks. I’m studying currently to become...expand_more

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Malti - 39yrs

room_outlined Hamilton
Hi, I am a mum of a 9year old son. I have just finished my first year at the AUT as a dental student. I am in the middle of career change. I have worked at the Waikato DHB as a Pharmcy Technician for more than...expand_more
Flavia profile photo

Flavia - 37yrs

room_outlined Rototuna North
hello moms and dads, at the age of 13 I started taking care of my nephews, there were 3 that I took care of since they were born until they were pre-teens... I had my professional experience in a playhouse...expand_more
Gaga profile photo

Gaga - 47yrs

room_outlined Glenview
Hi there, I have lived in Hamilton for 3 years, most of the time I have worked with kids as a kindergarten teacher and as a teacher aid and I loved working with kids . Looking forward to meeting you...

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