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32 yrs - Drury
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Hi :) I’m a full time teacher but with holidays coming up I’m hoping to work over the break. I enjoy being outdoors and am happy to mind primary school aged children.… 

I am a qualified Primary School teacher, so I am confident tutoring in all primary school curriculum areas.


24 yrs - Pukekohe

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Hi parents- Im a aupair from America looking for extra babysiting hours durring the school day or evening. I habe lots of experience with children ages 0-14. From coaching, babysiting and tutoring.… 

I have done home tutoring since I was 14. I'm very passionate about Math, science, and history. I also have experience as a teacher's aid in America for 3 years.


46 yrs - Pukekohe

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Hi, I'm a fully qualified Nanny and Teacher Aide, mature, well experienced, local and available immediately

I am not a trained tutor but have worked as a Teacher's Aide in primary school and can assist your children with study and homework.


18 yrs - Pukekohe

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Hi Mums and Dads 🤩, I’m in high school and would love some extra work ❣️. I love kids and would the opportunity to meet yours ✨💖

I studied Cambridge level education for three years and could tutor primary to early high school students.


23 yrs - Papakura

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Hi Mums and/or Dads! I have a passion for kids. I am an outgoing person with a bubbly personality and a can do attitude. I have studied extensive animal welfare and management but am now moving into early… 

I have always helped with any homework or extra assignments that the kids have had. Working with them on these things is a great bonding experience.

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19 yrs - Rosehill

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I’m currently still in high school at Rosehill College. I’ve been baby sitting since the age of 12 with my sisters kids and also friends of family members. When I finish school I will be studying early… 

I have tutored students at school for English level 1 and am happy to help your children with their English.


17 yrs - Papakura

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Hello all parents i would love to have a chance to take care of your children when your in need. I am responsible and reliable" in my spare time i take pride in spending time with my one niece and six… 

I have helped my nephews with there homework they are currently in year 2\4 i have taught them how to deal with problem solving and how to sound out words in their books


16 yrs - Pukekohe

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Hello, I’m a high school student looking to gain experience in babysitting and to earn some pocket money. My friends tell me I am good with kids and easy to get along with.… 

I do not currently have any tutoring experience. However, I have excellent grades and I enjoy explaining concepts to my peers.


31 yrs - Drury

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Hi families, I'm Raquel a 29 year old spanish teacher. I've been teaching for 6 years in several primary schools in Spain and I've worked as a nanny and tutor as well. I've also taught English and help… 

I've been home tutoring for 3 years teaching children from 3 to 12 years old English and Spanish, also helping the older children prepare for exams and homework.


26 yrs - Conifer Grove

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Hello, I am an experienced nanny/babysitter with over 10 years of experience. I started babysitting in my local neighborhood at the age of 13. I have my degree in psychology and have extensive knowledge… 

I have always been smart when it comes to school. I’d help my friends out if they were having trouble with particular subjects. I, also, helped the kids I nannied with their homework regularly at ages 12, 13, and 16. I mainly helped with reading, English, math, school projects, etc.

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24 yrs - Pukekohe

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Hi parents! My name is Dominique, I’m 22 and currently studying part time online to get a degree in Communications. I am looking for a job to keep my occupied in my downtime. I absolutely adore children… 

I have helped my brother a lot with his homework and studies from all the way from year one, he is now fifteen.


24 yrs - Bombay
Jade profile photo

Hi there mums and dads I grew up in a huge family living with 6 girls so I am fimilar with looking after/ being around children. I have just finished studying a degree in sport and exercise science and… 

I have taught Maths, English and Reading to children aged from 5-12. I have really enjoyed this experience


27 yrs - Pukekohe

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Hi Mum's, Dad's and caregivers, I am currently finishing my second year at university and I am doing a degree in primary teaching. I have spent the past two years in classrooms doing assisting teaching… 

Apart from tutoring my younger brothers I have not done any professional tutoring. I have spent the past two years in the classroom assisting with teaching this has allowed me to gain so much knowledge on how to teach and what works best for the individual child.