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Hello to all parents out there!👋🏻 I hope everything is doing well with you and your family. I just want to introduce myself and why I joined this site. Well, as you can see my name is Joahna you can call “Joah” or JM for short.☺️ I have been trying to look for a job but unfortunately was not lucky since I am only under visitor visa since my husband is here to be honest I have already been receiving lots of calls from employers but due to my status I guess I am not qualified, so here I am again trying my luck here and I know I am definitely in the right track! I have been baby sitting my younger brothers since I was still a kid up until college my college life because both of my parents are busy looking for money and my mom worked overseas I am second from the eldest and the only girl in the family, that was not quite easy but I must say I loved my brothers and treasure the so much. I am a nursing graduate in our country (Philippines) and worked in the Middles East as a Nurse. Also, there was one moment in my life when I was asked by a mother herself if I already have my own kids, I said “No” and she said “oh, I thought you already have one because you seem so good at kids.” I was flattered by what she said that was when I worked as a volunteer Nurse in a medical facility at our place. Right now, I am just at home doing what a domesticated housewife should do and I just really want to earn my own money because I grew up as a strong and independent woman and I prefer to work and be able to help my husband.

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My only childcare experience was when I was still young up until college, I was the one who took care of my 4 younger brothers. Took care of them and act like a mother and at the same time sister to them