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Parents post jobs in real-time to their trusted local helpers

  • In-home childcare
    • Babysitting
    • Nannying
    • Before School Care
    • After School Care
    • Au Pair
  • Home Tutoring
    • Primary School
    • High School
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Parents set the price

  • Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job
  • Helpers decide if the job is "worth it" and apply or decline
  • Hourly rates posted & accepted average between $15-$30p/h for childcare and $20-$60 for tutoring
  • Helpers get paid in cash by the family at the end of each job
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Helpers keep all the money

  • Keep all the money! Juggle Street does NOT take a percentage
  • Build-up your Ratings & Reviews and get awarded more jobs
  • Complete your profile and start receiving job invitations via the app

Getting started is easy!

Parents Get Started!


Create a profile telling helpers about your family situation and needs.


Use filters to refine your search and connect with helpers recommended by local parents.


Create a job, set the price and post it to your chosen list of helpers.

Helpers Get Started!


Create a profile and intro video to tell parents about your childcare and tutoring experience.


Become a Member, search local family profiles and send invitations to connect.


Receive job invitations via the app, apply instantly on your phone, and get paid at the end of the job.