Trust & Safety is at the core of everything we do

ID Verification

Mobile phone verification is mandatory for all Juggle Street helpers and parents. Mobile numbers are only shared between a helper and a parent when a job is awarded.

Profile Privacy

Complete helper profiles are only available to registered Juggle Street users. Helpers can choose to provide partial public access to boost their personal profile.

Home Location

Helper home addresses are never shared with Juggle Street families. Map location pins are only “approximate”.

Connect with Local Families

All family profiles have a photo details of their children. Use filters to find families near you and send invitations to Connect.

Guardian Approval

Helpers aged 14 – 17 require parent/guardian approval before they're allowed to participate in the Juggle Street network.

Trust And Safety On Juggle Street

Ratings & Reviews

Following every Juggle Street job families can leave a 5 star ratings and/or written review about their helper.

Parents often rely on these ratings, and especially the written reviews when selecting a helper for a job.

The number of jobs completed, and number cancelled, also paints a picture of a helper's reliability.

Trust & Safety Explained

15 - 17 Year Old Carers

15 to 17 year old helpers can join Juggle Street but profiles will not be published until Parent/Guardian approval is complete.

Parent/Guardian must (1) review and approve profile and (2) accept and agree to the Juggle Street Terms & Conditions

Parent/Guardian will be provided with access to Juggle Street profile.

Getting started is easy!

Parents Get Started!


Create a profile telling helpers about your family situation and needs.


Use filters to refine your search and connect with helpers recommended by local parents.


Create a job, set the price and post it to your chosen list of helpers.

Helpers Get Started!


Create a profile and intro video to tell parents about your childcare and tutoring experience.


Become a Member, search local family profiles and send invitations to connect.


Receive job invitations via SMS, apply instantly on your phone, and get paid at the end of the job.