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Finding Babysitting Jobs in New Zealand Just Got Easier!

Published by
Juggle Street at 9/5/2019


Top Tips on How to Find a Job as a Babysitter

1. Looking for babysitting work
2. Get a Babysitting job by Answering These 4 Questions
3. Getting Booked for a Babysitting Job on Juggle Street

1. Looking for babysitting work

Gone are the days of having to put ads up on supermarket noticeboards and having to ask all your friends. We take the struggle out of finding babysitting work by easily connecting you to local families in your area that are looking for help.

All you have to do is set up a profile, and then parents nearby can connect with you and send you job offers.

Simple as that. Isn’t it?

Well, sure – but if you really want to receive lots of job offers it pays to think about ways that you can make your profile really attractive to parents. Present yourself no differently than if you were going for a job interview.

2. Get a Babysitting job by Answering These 4 Questions

Ask yourself these questions and then try to incorporate them in your profile description somehow.

  1. Why should a parent choose me to look after their children?
  2. What experience have I had that might be relevant to this work?
  3. What are my interests?
  4. What extra things am I willing to do to help out with family life? Food prep? Laundry folding? General tidying?

Show parents in your profile description that you have initiative and understanding about what it takes to take care of children. It’s important to present yourself from the perspective of why the parent should choose you – not just why you are looking for work.

It’s also a big advantage if you include a short video saying hi & telling a little about yourself. We’ve found that carers with videos attached to their profile definitely get more job offers.

Find out more about how it works for carers here.

3. Getting Booked for a Babysitting Job on Juggle Street

How does it work exactly?

Basically, parents create a job and post it to one or many local helpers inviting them to apply. So the faster you respond, the more chance you have of being awarded the job!

Babysitters (YOU!) then receive an SMS linking to the job details, including date, time and estimated duration, how much the parent is offering to pay, how many children and so forth. Then you can choose to apply for the job, or decline. Parents receive the applications and decide who to award the job to.

Once you’ve set up your profile, sit back and wait for the babysitting jobs to come to you!

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