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The Childcare Juggle when Kids Start School

Published by
Juggle Street at 13/5/2019


How Juggle Street can help with Before & After School Care

1. Starting School
2. What to do Before and After School
3. Getting Started is Easy

1. Starting School

People often think when a child starts school that parents lives get easier, but for some this is not the case. For working parents, children starting school actually makes the childcare juggle significantly harder.

Where you could previously drop your child off at daycare on your way to work from 7.30am and collect on your way home, once a working parent’s child starts school they are left with the before and after school care juggle. That annoyingly tiny amount of time, each morning and afternoon greatly impacts the life of working parents.

2. What to do Before and After School

So, what are parents to do? There are before and after school care programmes available at some schools, but these can be expensive, hard to get into and children can be bored going every single day. Let’s be honest, after a long day at school, most children just want to go home, have some afternoon tea, play and relax for a bit.

Sound too good to be true? Not necessarily. Juggle Street can help parents connect with carers in their local area that are looking for before and after school care work. It might be an empty nester looking for few hours work each week that would love to connect with families in the neighbourhood. Or it may be an eager high school student who’s looking for some pocket money. Whatever their reason, there are lots of great helpers on Juggle Street that are ready and wanting to help your family.

Many of our carers can take your children to activities, help with homework and get dinner underway.

Could Juggle Street be the answer to your before and after school care struggles and give your children the pleasure of being able to go home after the school day is done? There’s only one way to find out.

3. Getting Started is Easy

Head to our homepage here, set up a family profile and start connecting to local helpers near you.

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