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Outside School Hours Carers, Conifer Grove

Nimmi profile photo

Nimmi - 48yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Takanini
My name is Nimmi and I am living with my 15 year old daughter and husband in my own home. I am already working as Porse In home childcare educator for the past approx 14 years and I have experience working...expand_more
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Ayesha - 29yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Flatbush
Hi mum and dads i am ayesha i am a single mother With 7 years of experience. I am currently looking after my 2 year old. i was previously baby sitting one 9 month old baby untill he left for overseas. I also...expand_more
Julie profile photo

Julie - 49yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Papakura
Hello Parents, I have level 3 in ECE and I love messy play and doing crafts. I have a large nanny kit with lots of this sort of stuff in it. I have plenty of references. Looking forward to meeting your young...expand_more
Sepideh profile photo

Sepideh - 41yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Conifer Grove
Hi moms and dads 🖐 If you are looking for a nanny after school hours or babysitter occasionally during the weekend. Message me. I have experience working with children and currently working at school. Thank...expand_more
Geeta profile photo

Geeta - 42yrs

room_outlined Goodwood Heights
I have been working in different early childhood centers since last nine years. I have got good experience with children. Last year I started nanny and baby sitter job. I love this job. Meeting new people...expand_more

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Harpreet - 44yrs

room_outlined Flat Bush
Hi, I'm an experienced babysitter/ nanny/ early childhood teacher. I have looked after children from 6 months to 13 years old and I am myself a mother of two daughters aged 5 and 12 years old. In all these...expand_more
Gloria profile photo

Gloria - 35yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Takanini
Kia ora, Family I am a qualified ECE teacher with 6 years of home base and centre base experience. Presently working partime in an ECE centre. Live in Takanini, Conifer Grove. We are blessed with 2 beautiful...expand_more
Pammi profile photo

Pammi - 57yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Flat Bush
Hi Everyone, I am a mum to 2 adult children and I also have experience working with some of our local teachers in this area minding their children of all ages. My hours are my own and am also available on the...expand_more
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Lucy - 18yrs

room_outlined Ardmore
Hiya parents, i dont have much experience with childcare, however i have my full license. I am very responsible, and i have lived in a flat for 2 years while studying part time. I know how to keep the kids...expand_more

Poppy - 17yrs

room_outlined Rosehill
Hi parents! I have a big family and grew up with quite a few younger siblings, so I have had a lot of experience with children. I love putting a smile on their face and seeing them have fun....

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Janiston profile photo

Janiston - 21yrs

room_outlined Papatoetoe
Hello! :) I have had many years of experience looking after family members and family friends’ kids and babies. I’ve always had a soft spot for them and love spending time with them along with seeing them grow...expand_more
Alicia profile photo

Alicia - 20yrs

room_outlined Flat Bush
Hi mums and dad's and caregivers. I am a 20yr old girl who loves kids, I am wanting to let kids reach there goals and to learn and grow and make sure they have a routine that suits them and the parents. I love...expand_more
Manogi profile photo

Manogi - 20yrs

room_outlined Conifer Grove
Hi everyone! I am one of the oldest cousins for this generation, so looking after the little ones was always a job I LOVED doing. I am currently studying Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood at AUT and love...expand_more
Jarrod profile photo

Jarrod - 23yrs

room_outlined Flat Bush
Hi mums and dads My name's Jarrod I am 23, I have been around children since I was 14 whether it's 8months or it's 8years, I also use to work at a daycare and still current help out at the school holidays...expand_more

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