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Tannah - 19yrs

room_outlined Prebbleton
Hi there , I grew up in a rather big family. I am one of 5 siblings. I have plenty of experience in regards to caring for children. I also have experience in tutoring. I matriculated in South Africa with four...expand_more
Holly profile photo

Holly - 20yrs

room_outlined Faringdon
Hey my name is Holly! I have just graduated high school with NCEA level 3. I am taking a gap year next year to gain more life experience in areas which I'm interested in pursuing a degree in, such as early...expand_more
Rachel profile photo

Rachel - 27yrs

room_outlined Hoon Hay
Hi! My name is Rachel. I’m a qualified primary school teacher from Ireland with well over 8 years’ experience working with children from babies to teenagers. I have a passion for childcare, am very responsible...expand_more
Lais profile photo

Lais - 31yrs

room_outlined Avonhead
Hi mums and dad's, I am really passionate about kids. It started when I worked in a Summer Camp and developed the skills required for taking care of kids. I'm fun, energetic and also responsible....
Amelia profile photo

Amelia - 20yrs

room_outlined Prebbleton
Hi parents 👋 Looking for a nurturing reliable nanny? I have a true passion for working with children. I’m in my final year of studies studying towards a bachelor of primary school teaching whilst working and...expand_more

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Zoee profile photo

Zoee - 22yrs

room_outlined Halswell
I am very good with children, I come from a reasonably big family and am the oldest child of 4 so have plenty of practice caring for them and many cousins and family friends children as well over the years,...expand_more
Danielle profile photo

Danielle - 21yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Riccarton
Hi everyone! I’m currently living in Christchurch for University. I play football for the University too and I really enjoy anything active especially long distance running! I’m reliable, dependable, trustworthy...expand_more
Scarlett profile photo

Scarlett - 20yrs

room_outlined Lincoln University
Hi everyone, my names Scarlett and I am currently a second year University student at Lincoln university. I originally come from Southland and have a twin brother! I’m looking for babysitting work, and have...expand_more

Brylee - 23yrs

room_outlined Upper Riccarton
Hi all, I'm in my second year of my Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) at UC. I have come from a large family of 6 siblings, me being the eldest. I have been a babysitter since the age of 14 years...expand_more
Leigh profile photo

Leigh - 20yrs

room_outlined Ilam
I'm a student at UC currently studying toward a BE(hons) Mechatronics. In my spare time I play volleyball and enjoy getting out and doing some walks. In the past I've worked on holiday programs and have some...expand_more

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Celia - 45yrs

room_outlined Broomfield
Hi parents. I'm a mum of two. I homeschool my youngest and have experience working within special education....

Molly - 18yrs

room_outlined Ilam
Hey mum and dads! I have experience babysitting and working in childcare and I am going to be studying primary teaching at university in 2023. I come from a hardworking, honest and passionate dairy farming...expand_more

Simran - 26yrs

room_outlined Faringdon
I am a self disciplined and well educated lady from a military background. I have tutored students with disability too during my graduation. I am very friendly and loving with kids, somehow have a way with...expand_more
Kayla profile photo

Kayla - 26yrs

room_outlined Spreydon
Kia Ora! My name is Kayla, I’m 26 and I am a single mum of two boys that is wanting to give back to the community and help other mums out! And hopefully along the way, we can meet some families that will stay...expand_more

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