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48 yrs - New Windsor
Jobs:8 Completed 

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Hi parents, I’m a Kiwi who has been living and working in London for the past 18yrs as a full-time Nanny. Having now returned to NZ I’m excited to carry on my Nannying career here and look forward to meeting new children and families.… 
5 written recommendations.
Local parent Kristal said...
Amazing! Highly recommend! We had never left our kids with a babysitter before but Teresa put us and our kids at ease. Was happy to meet beforehand and built a great rapport with all of us. When we left for our evening we knew that she had everything under control and could relax and enjoy ourselves. The kids had a great time too. We Cannot wait for next time.


28 yrs - Hillsborough
Jobs:2 Completed 
Abigail profile photo

Hi mum and dads I have recently been made redundant so looking for some nanny work. I ran a program for intermediate children every Sunday morning for 12 months this was coming up with activity’s prepping food and running team work activity’s ect for about 15 - 20 children I really enjoyed interacting with the the children and I loved there energy and excitement all though my back ground is recruitment I believe that this job will be a lot more fulfilling for me. I willing to travel anywhere central.… 
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22 yrs - New Lynn
Jobs:1 Completed 
Kara profile photo

1 written recommendations.
Local parent Jacinta said...
Kara looked after my kids great. They were happy and I’d definitely use her again.


50 yrs - Three Kings
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi, I’m a super experienced Nanny with a great big heart. I’m currently available most Mondays (full day) and Friday’s from 12pm on an ad hoc basis and open to the occasional weekend or overnight if required. My current charge is now 3 years old and will be going to start kindy soon so I will be available for a full time role starting in the next few months. A bright, friendly person, I’m fun,… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Rachel said...
I had an initial meet up with Marcia, in the hope of finding someone we trusted and that we could call on when we needed a babysitter. She is certainly someone who is really lovely and that you would trust with your special babes! she comes with an immense amount of experience and I could see she had a huge passion for children. The kids warmed really well to her too. Certainly someone I would recommend to families in the area :).


28 yrs - Mt Albert
Jobs:1 Completed 
Madeleine profile photo

Hi Auckland families! I’m a registered primary school teacher and long term experienced tutor and nanny. I teach primary school in a play-based, creative, student-directed and whole-child learning environment, and I have experience with infants through teenagers. Some of my hobbies include vegan cooking, poetry, art, exercise, and outdoor exploring. Please be in touch if you think I could be a good fit for your family!

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29 yrs - Sandringham
Jobs:1 Completed 
Dorrin profile photo

Hi there juggling parents. I’m a recent engineering graduate currently working full time. I’m an energetic person looking to earn extra cash to put towards my student loan. Available hours: I am now only available weekends. For both tutoring and or baby sitting. Weekend getaways: In house stay from Friday night until Monday morning. Bonus points- -Can help with homework- superb maths skills and some other topics. -Can cook healthy as meals!… 


43 yrs - Cape Horn Road
Jobs:2 Completed 
Carol profile photo

Hi everyone, I completed a PhD in Public Health at AUT in 2019. In 2021 - I have just started my first year in a nursing programme also at AUT.I have a valid Basic First Aid Certificate. I have experience in tutoring students at university but more than happy to help out with reading and writing etc for younger students. I worked in childcare and social support in Zimbabwe. Plus, being from a big family I enjoy looking after young people, and am competent at keeping a house clean. I am now in Mt Roskill area and keen for work near there. As I’m doing a full time course, I’m often only available weekends, some evenings during the weekend (will depend on clinical placement schedule) & semester breaks. Happy to discuss :-)


26 yrs - Mount Eden
Jobs:1 Completed 
Courtney profile photo

Hi ☺️ I did a lot of babysitting when I was at college (in Nelson) but when I moved to Auckland for uni I stopped for a while as I didn’t know any families up here! I’m confident with children from infants to teens and I’m happy to do late nights. I have a BSc in biological sciences and I love teaching sciences - I really enjoy when kids have a lot of “why” questions. It’s been a while since I was in school but I’m happy to help with any homework outside of sciences too. I have a clean full drivers licence and my own reliable vehicle. I have lots of first aid training (I did St John youth for nearly 10 years!) and am up to date on current CPR rules although my formal first aid certificate has just recently lapsed. I currently work in administration at Starship and finish work around 4-4.30… 


28 yrs - Mount Roskill

Private Profile

Hi parents and caregivers. I’m an experienced nanny working Monday-Friday looking for casual baby sitting jobs Friday night (from7.30pm) to Sunday evening. Below is a bit about me, my experience and availability I am a full time experienced nanny working Monday-friday so I am available Sat and sun for baby sitting (or at 7.30/7.45pm on a Friday night if you’re happy with a late night dinner) I have experience with children from new borns to teens and currently I nanny a 4 year old, 2.5 year old and now 11 month old twins Previously I was an executive family assistant looking after 3 kids aged 8,9 and 10. And my previous position to that I was nanny/house manger to 4 kids ages 10months, 3,5 and 6. I have my current first aid, police check and surf lifeguard award, so confident around… 


33 yrs - Avondale

Private Profile

Hi. I am Mum to a wonderful eight year old boy. During the week I am busy teaching but would love to chat with local families and help out if I can. I have full current Police cheek and Teachers Council registration.… 

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57 yrs - Titirangi
Janine profile photo

I'm married with a 19 year old son, and a nanny of 35 years. Currently working four days a week with a 2 year old, and would like some night babysits. I am potentially looking for work January 2020 Monday to Thursday. Lots of references from NZ and overseas.… 


34 yrs - Hillsborough
Sarah profile photo

With over 5 years childcare experience, I always strive to create a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment for the children in my care. I love to help with social development and to help the children be the best they can be. I look forward to meeting you and your little ones :)


28 yrs - Mount Roskill
Fahima profile photo

Hi mum and dads out there . I am currently working in hospitality industry. I'm very good with kids . Cant wait to see you and your kids .


22 yrs - Three Kings

Private Profile

Hi mums and dads. I am a university of Auckland student in my last year and only studying part time. I am available Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at any time of the day. I have my drivers license and a Toyota Corolla of my own for pick ups or drop offs to school, if you have any more questions I am more than happy to answer any and all of them.


16 yrs - Mt Roskill

Private Profile

Hi Mum and Dad's I grew up in a big family with 3 brothers and 2 sisters.i am 16 years old. I have experienced 3 years of babysitting. I am fun, kind, loving and reliable babysiter. I also love working with children, playing with them and doing activities. Cooking is one of my favorite hobby. I can also help out with housework E.g cleaning, tidying preparing dinner, lunch snacks, and etc. I am looking forward meeting your adorable kids and parents too🤗

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44 yrs - Avondale
Mehlaeil profile photo

Hello there, I am looking forward to being your nanny. I have a level 4 certificate in childhood care and I have experience with childrens. I have been raised in a large family with 2 brothers and 1 sister. I enjoy being around kids and approaching things in a pragmatic order and I'm sedate. Moreover, I'm trustworthy, kind and reliable.


18 yrs - Epsom

Private Profile

Hi !! I have grown up in a large extended family, so I am pretty aware of how crazy and hectic it can get at times! I have had a lot of experience with babysitting and caring for kids and I would love to help you out whether it is night babysitting while you go out, school nights or on Saturday during the day :) I am 18 years old and I have my full license! Love being outside and entertaining kids as I am so used to it with all my cousins! I would love to get into babysitting, with Christmas coming up and the holidays I know how busy it gets!… 


34 yrs - Mount Albert
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi mums and dads. I grew up in a family of 6. There were loads of cousins and family around all the time so I am very good with children. I completed my studies in the UK and am now working as a high school teacher. I love taking care of kids and teaching them is my passion.… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Kerry said...
Thanks Farhanah, kids enjoyed having you look after them. Would definitely recommend.


34 yrs - Lynfield
Milena profile photo

I love hanging out with little humans and helping them learn about the World and grow up to be kind teenagers & adults. I can teach them music (I’m a professional violinist) & languages and assist with homework, too. Only available for casual / one-off work as my schedule is quite busy. (Hit me up with babysitting emergencies!:))


42 yrs - Auckland

Private Profile

Hi everyone! I'm Anita😁. I'm 41 years old. I have 4 children 1, 9, 11 and 12. I've 8 years of experience in Early Childhood and Kohanga Reo. I am of Maori and Austrian ethnicity. I can speak 3 languages and I'm very good at picking up other languages also. I know a little Chinese and Samoan. I am looking for work in the weekends and school holidays. Happy to help😁. I've had experience with special needs in Early Childhood. But no official training. I play guitar and sing! I'm a pretty good dancer too 🤣… 

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29 yrs - Titirangi
Annabelle profile photo

Hi, I am a bubbly & fun with many years experience in schools as a Teacher Aide and also teaching Ballet and Jazz to all ages at a local dance school in Auckland. I have experience with all ages from infants upwards. I love being around children and helping out in a family environment or being in sole care, I have done many week long babysits on my own and have a full license - am happy to drive children. Please feel free to ask any questions if you need to do so.… 


31 yrs - Hillsborough
Claire profile photo

Available for ad-hoc babysitting - mostly evenings and weekends. I finish work at 3:30 pm on weekdays, so usually available from 4. I have a science and teaching background with formal qualifications in science, and am currently a 3rd year medical student.… 


21 yrs - Mount Roskill
Isla profile photo

Hi there! I’m Isla and I am studying at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine to become a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. In my spare time I love to do yoga, paint, and dance! I love engaging with children - their perspectives of the world are refreshing, as is their enthusiasm and energy! I especially love to play outside in nature and do arts and crafts with kids. I have lots of experience babysitting and nannying for young children from 3 years old to teenagers (as well as my younger brother who is a 1 year old). I have been nannying since I was 15 years old (currently 21). I have experience in preparing children’s meals and entertaining kids with games, craft and outdoor activities. I also feel confident communicating and directing the children in my care to complete their homework… 


25 yrs - Blockhouse Bay
Divya profile photo

Hi I grew up in Blockhouse Bay and graduated from a bachelor of communication in 2018. In 2019 I went to United States where I did babysitting from an app called UrbanSitters. I am happy positive person and I always help my friends around if they need someone to look at their children… 


28 yrs - Sandringham

Private Profile

Hi mums and dads, I am in Sandringham part-time nannying my 2 year old niece for school term 3. I have experience looking after family/ friends children aging from 1 and a half to 8 years of age. I have experience in day to day activities and bedtime routines. I am completing my children's first aid certificate on the 19th of July I enjoy facilitating childly play, nature play and meaningful learning activities. I don't mind messy play and encourage children to help clean up.… 

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60 yrs - Mount Eden
Karen profile photo

Hi, I have been a nanny for almost 20 years, mature women with lots of experience with younger and older children. I am also a mother and grandmother myself.… 


55 yrs - Mount Roskill
Kashmira profile photo

Hi , I am a babysitter with over 25 years of experience. I am a mum for two University finished a boy and a girl. I can look after kids from the age of new born to any age group kids.… 


25 yrs - Mount Albert
Zulekha profile photo

Hi mums , dads & family’s. I’ve recently been made redundant as a international flight attendant of 5 years. Prior to this I have been a nanny / baby sitter in my younger years and I have also helped raise all my young siblings due to my mum being a single mother. I’m very experienced with babies all the way to tweens I can help with school drop offs / pick ups & activities, homework , house hold duties and cooking. I currently Nanny for a family of 3 kids but part time so looking for another family to help and pick pick up some more hours I am also available for one off baby sitting and during school holidays . Feel free to get in touch to find out more . Thankyou… 


24 yrs - New Windsor
Bridget profile photo

Hi ya! I’m Bridget, I have 4 years experience caring for children aged 6 months to 10 years in both home and preschool settings. Love exploring and getting outdoors with kids, recognising the importance of play! You’ll often find me off on adventures with kids to the beach, park, zoo or inside baking up a storm! Have early childhood qualifications, first aid, and a full licence with kids car seats in my car. I charge $25/hr during days and $20/hr for night time babysitting once kids are asleep. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.… 


49 yrs - Mount Albert

Private Profile

Hi I grew up in a fun blended family in Auckland and have a blended family of my own, I love meeting new little people and getting to know them. I’m very capable and working with children feels very natural to me.… 

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32 yrs - Mount Roskill
Rachel profile photo

I am a qualified Early childhood education teacher. My hobby is drawing and singing. I'm sure that I can use these skills to teach your children too😊😊. I plan to do the baby sitting at my own home. We have a beautiful park and a playground in front of our house to which the children can be accompanied for playing if the parents want me to do so. I will available for this during weekends only and weekdays, incase of an emergency for one or two hours after 6 pm.


37 yrs - Three Kings
Vicki profile photo

Hi there, I am a qualified early childhood teacher, currently working as a nanny. I have 15+ years experience working with children of all ages. I’m willing to muck in when needed and can be very flexible to accommodate everyone’s needs.