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Nany and child
1. create an account
1. create an account

Search, find and meet trusted local babysitters

2. Post a job
2. Post a job

Define your babysitters objectives, set the price and post the job on demand

3. Pay the babysitter
3. Pay the babysitter

Parents pay the babysitters direct, Juggle Street does not take a cut

Nanny playing with childern.
  • Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job
  • Helpers decide if the job is ‘worth it’ and apply or decline
  • Hourly rates posted and accepted average between $15-$30/hr for childcare and $20-60/hr for tutoring
  • Helpers get paid in cash or via bank transfer by the family at the end of each job

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Angela B profile photo
Angela B
Jobs Complete65 Jobs Completed
65 Jobs Completed
“Angela is like a modern day Mary Poppins. She was so adept and confident with our baby that you really didn't have to think twice about how the day was going to go. Our daughter loved spending the day with her and it was just so comforting to know she was in the best of hands. One of the best babysitters we have ever had- I couldn't recommend Angela more highly” Lena
Darcy K profile photo
Darcy K
SuburbBondi Junction
Jobs Complete103 Jobs Completed
103 Jobs Completed
“Darcy was fantastic sitting our 3.5 yr old son. She was punctual, professional, warm, friendly, communicative and very capable. Just as importantly, our son seems to adore her and was very comfortable saying goodbye to mum and dad so he could hang with Darcy. I highly recommend her” Rebecca
Melanie W profile photo
Melanie W
Jobs Complete47 Jobs Completed
47 Jobs Completed
“Melanie is super friendly, prompt and reliable with a lot of experience. I feel very comfortable leaving my 8 month baby boy with her. She was able to connect with him, play and settle him to sleep” Britta

What is Juggle Street & How Does it Work?

What is Juggle Street?

Juggle Street is a neighbourhood network providing busy families access to trusted, local helpers including babysitters, nannies, au pairs and home tutors. When parents and helpers have competed their profiles, they can connect, chat online and meet face-to-face if they wish. Juggle Street Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company based in Sydney.

Pricing & Payments

There are no pre-determined prices, or fixed hourly rates for jobs on Juggle Street. Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job, and post it to one or many of their local helpers. The helpers decide if the job is ‘worth it’ and apply or decline. Helpers get paid cash or via bank transfer by the family at the end of each job. Juggle Street is free to join and use for helpers, parents pay per job post or subscribe.

Safety & Security

At Juggle Street, trust and security are paramount. That’s why everyone who joins (parents and helpers) need to complete mobile phone verification before their profile is activated. A family’s exact home address is only shared with the helper who is awarded the job. Working with Children Checks are mandatory since May 2019.

Parents Set The Price

Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job

Hourly rates average $15-30 p/hr for childcare and $20-60 for tutoring

Helpers decide if the job is ‘worth it’ and apply or decline

Families pay helpers at the end of each job in cash or via bank transfer

Helpers Keep All the Money

Keep all the money! Juggle Street does NOT take a percentage

Complete your profile and become a Member to receive SMS job invitations

Build-up your Ratings & Reviews and get awarded more jobs

Babysitter with child.

Why Juggle Street for nannies?

Juggle Street is one of Australia’s largest networks of babysitters, nannies and in-home and online tutors. It is the perfect way to search, find and meet local trusted nannies.

Juggle Street is an on-demand job platform, which means you can book immediate help for your child in a few easy steps. All of Juggle Street’s carers have detailed profiles outlining their experience and qualifications. You can use our filters to find nannies who have a driver’s licence, specific language and special needs training. Juggle Street babysitters and nannies are reviewed by other parents on our network which means that their profiles display star ratings and written reviews from other families like you!

Once a parent is ready to find a nanny, they can post a job and outline all of their requirements and complete a weekly schedule. They can then invite a group of Juggle Street nannies to apply for the job.

Job invitations are delivered to nannies via SMS and they can view the job details and apply or decline. The “chat” feature can be used to ask questions and arrange to have an interview or a phone call. Once the parent has chosen their nanny they officially “award” them the job so that both parties have a record of the details.

Child learning to play paino online.

Juggle Street Checks

Juggle Street verifies the right-to-work status of non-Australian/New Zealand helpers, using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO). Juggle Street also verifies working with children checks in Australia.

Choosing the right nanny for your family

It’s a good idea to do a trial run with your nanny. This will provide you with the opportunity to test their skills in action and to determine how well he or she follows instructions that you have provided. It also allows your children and the nanny to become more familiar with each other.

Nanny profiles include written reviews from other parents if they have previously done jobs on Juggle Street. Read through the comments to gain a better insight into the nanny’s personality and reliability.

You may wish to ask the nanny for a couple of references from families they have worked for. Set aside time to call the referees and ask questions that will help you decide whether to hire them or not.

From nanny to family

Your nanny will play a fundamental role in your child’s development. It is only natural that you would want to form a warm bond with this person so that they feel like they are part of the family.

Here are some ideas to help include your nanny in your family’s life:

  • Invite your nanny to share meals with the family.
  • Try not to rush them out the door at the end of their shift. Take time to ask about their life and interests outside of looking after your child.
  • Invite your nanny to your child’s birthday party or other family event.
  • Find out when your nanny’s birthday is, so that you can acknowledge the day.
Babysitter with child at the park.

interview preparation for your nanny

Finding a great nanny is as much about intuition as it is about qualifications. But whether you are hiring a nanny for a short period or (hopefully) a year to come, here are some questions to help find the right person for your family.

  • Interview a few shortlisted nannies thoroughly. Have them come over for a paid interview where you’re in the house while they watch your child. That way you can see them in action and give them any necessary feedback.
  • Ask about their childcare qualifications including the age range and number of children they have cared for.
  • Discuss any extra duties such a tidying the house and establish whether this is part of their role.
  • Ask about their driving record and experience. Discuss car seats and boosters if needed.
  • Discuss how long they envisage nannying for and ask about whether they have any travel plans in the future.
  • Have a general talk about how they would discipline your children and the expectations around this.
  • Check if they have been trained in first aid and CPR.
  • Ask under what circumstances they would call 000.
  • Discuss what they expect from you as the parent (guidelines, schedules etc).