How much should I pay my tutor?

It is your decision how much to offer to pay for each job. The higher you price the job, the more interest you are likely to receive.  

The amount you offer will depend of the experience of the tutors that you are inviting to apply for your job.

When selecting the hourly rate please consider overall cost of job, ie. take into account travel time and prep & follow-up work carried out by tutor. Use this price guide to help decide how much to offer:

High School Student$20 - $30
High School Graduate$30 - $50
Certified Teacher$60 or higher

When tutors receive a job invitation, they must either Apply or Decline. When a tutor selects Decline, they are required to select one of the following reasons (1) Too short notice (2) Calendar clash (3) Too far away (4) Price too cheap. The responses of all invited tutors are summarised for you, allowing you to judge if you have priced your job appropriately. Based on your replies you can decide to increase the price and repost the job, you may also decide to invite more tutors

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