How does the General Liability Insurance work?


Complimentary Insurance arranged by Aon, covers Jugglers (i.e. eligible parents and legal guardians) who have a subscription-based membership, for their legal liability to third parties for personal injury to third parties (e.g. Carers) and property damage related to a job posted on Juggle Street.

Who is covered?

One major benefit of having a subscription-based membership with Juggle Street is that Jugglers then become eligible to access coverage under the Policy. Eligible Jugglers are parents or legal guardians who are granting jobs to Carers through Juggle Street platform in accordance with the Juggle Street Terms & Conditions, and who have a subscription-based membership.

The Policy is complimentary for Jugglers who have a subscription-based membership. The only cost payable is an excess of $1,000 in the event that an eligible Juggler makes a claim.

This Policy is not for the benefit of Carers. In other words, Carers cannot make a claim directly in respect of their liability, legal or otherwise. A claim for loss to their property or personal injury would need to be made to the eligible Juggler who is entitled to make a claim under the Policy by following the process set out below.

What isn’t covered?

The Policy doesn’t cover the following liabilities:

  • Legal liability arising from any circumstances as a result of a job not being validly posted, applied and awarded via the Juggle Street platform in accordance with the Juggle Street Terms & Conditions. Note that jobs arranged solely via the online chat functionality of the Juggle Street platform are not eligible for the insurance cover;
  • Legal liability for circumstances unrelated to a job placed via the Juggle Street platform, regardless of whether the Carer is registered on the Juggle Street platform or is any other third party; or
  • Any claim arising from actual or alleged sexual assault or molestation.

How do I make a claim?

If an eligible Juggler needs to lodge a claim, they should immediately email full details of the claim to Aon at [email protected]

The Juggler will then be required to:

  • Arrange for the completion of an Incident Report Form;
  • Pay the applicable excess

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Aon at [email protected] if you have any further queries about the cover.

For more details please refer to our Insurance page here.

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