Is there a Police Check in New Zealand?

There is no such thing as a "police clearance certificate" or “police check” in New Zealand. If someone is convicted of a crime, a criminal record is created and held in a database by the Ministry of Justice and anyone can apply for a copy of their own records. A Juggle Street helper can apply for a copy of their records and then provide to families along with their other qualifications and certificates. The New Zealand Police also provide a service called the Vetting Service which provides criminal history checks and other relevant information on potential employees. Juggle Street is not an employer and we do not provide caregiver services ourselves.  Juggle street is an “introductory platform” introducing families to local helpers.  It is imperative that parents do their own due diligence and validate references provided by helpers. Note - NZ Police’s Approved Agency Agreement specifies that the results are intended for the approved agency only and cannot be shared with any third parties, such as families looking to hire local helpers.

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