How do I apply for a job?

  • Job invitations are received by SMS. You are most likely to receive job invitations from parents you are connected with, ie. those listed in your My Connections section. However, new Juggle Street parents in a rush to find a sitter may send you a job invitation before connecting. If you apply for one of these jobs the parent will be moved to your My Families section.
  • When you receive an SMS job invitation it is entirely your decision whether you apply for the job or not. Follow the link in the SMS to review the job details; start & end time, pay details, and other instructions specific to the Job, e.g. ”kids will need to be bathed before bed”.
  • Replying to a job invitation - you have two options: (1) Apply or (2) Not Available. If you choose Not Available you are required to select one of the following reasons; (1) Too short notice (2) Calendar clash (3) Too far away (4) Price too cheap. This information is sent back to the parent via SMS.
  • Parents can choose to award the job to any helper that applies. Parents will often award the job to the first helper who applies, but not always.
  • When a parent awards you the job you will receive notification by SMS. If you apply for a job and the parent decides to award the job to somebody else you will receive an SMS notification.
  • ALWAYS respond to job invitations even if you are not available. Parents appreciate and remember helpers who respond.
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